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Amendment 2 and Medical Marijuana – The Future is Uncertain

Voters in Florida will decide an amendment to the state constitution next month in a highly controversial election involving medical marijuana. The term “medical marijuana” implies that only persons with a physician’s prescription will be able to obtain a preparation of the cannabis plant intended for use as medicine, and many people believe it would be dispensed from a pharmacy. But that’s not entirely accurate in this situation.

medical_marijuana_signThe Law Firm of Smythe and Hungerton deals with injuries resulting from mistakes and errors on the part of pharmacies, but in the case of Amendment 2, the marijuana will be distributed by “marijuana treatment centers” and will not be dispensed with a written prescription, but with a “medical recommendation” for anything from relieving pain and nausea to treating sleep disorders.

The battle between pro and con forces is really heating up, and it seems likely that if passed, there will be issues pertaining to future claims of negligence and injuries due to marijuana consumption. The attorneys at Smythe and Hungerton are experts in the field of personal injuries of all kinds and are following this case closely.

If you feel you have suffered an injury or illness due to the errors of a pharmacy or pharmacist, you may reach Smythe and Hungerton attorneys at 800-555-1212. With offices in Tampa, Miami, and Tallahassee they are ready to meet you and discuss your case.


Brooklyn Judge Gives Gun Dealer Longer Sentence After Navy, Chicago Shootings

Criminal LawThere is probably no situation more personally distressing than being the subject of a criminal investigation or prosecution. You have rights, but are they being observed? Do you have a competent, experienced and qualified attorney who can defend you?

The legal system has rules and guidelines, but the following story demonstrates that sometimes a judge can go beyond standard limits and impose very strict punishments, depending on a variety of factors:

Federal Judge John Gleeson could have given 23-year-old weapon peddler Angel Tejeda 30 months to 37 months in prison — if he had stuck to the guidelines. But Gleeson handed Tejeda a 44-month sentence after Assistant U.S. Attorney Jack Dennehy made note of the recent high-profile shootings.

A tough Brooklyn judge dropped the hammer on a parking lot gun peddler, handing out a 44-month prison stretch that went well beyond sentencing guidelines.

Angel Tejeda could have gotten as little as 30 months — or as many as 37 — had Federal Judge John Gleeson stuck to the guidelines. But Gleeson took matters into his own hands after a prosecutor made note of two recent high-profile shootings.

While our court system is sometimes depicted as Lady Justice, blindfolded with the scales and sword, we know that justice is often impacted by people, places and current events. In this case recent incidents involving firearms influenced a judge to impose a stricter sentence on a convicted offender.

When you, a family member, or a friend are in the position of requiring legal representation for a criminal offense, please examine the credentials and the experience of Troy A. Smith, an 18-year veteran prosecutor and defense attorney.

Mr. Smith can be contacted at: 34 S Broadway #711, White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 358-5200


Bellmore Law Office

Immigration Law Issues
Employment Visas
300 Words

ImmigrationLawA person planning to apply for an employment visa to work in the United States should be aware that the path to having a request granted is fraught with pitfalls. The smallest error with regard to filing fees, classification, medical and vaccination requirements or interview preparation may result in delay or outright denial of one’s petition.

An applicant’s prospective employer may be required to first receive a labor certification approval from the U.S. Department of Labor, which leads to the filing of an Immigrant Petition for Alien worker form I-140 with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for proper classification. There are detailed instructions for the proper completion and filing of these documents and the process can be exacting and tedious.

There are certain circumstances which may prohibit an applicant from being approved for work in the United States. These include, but are not limited to a person having a communicable disease or a serious mental disorder. A person who has been convicted of a serious crime or has previously attempted to use illegal means to enter the U.S. may have an application denied. Belonging to a group that is considered to be subversive or have ties to terrorists may also be grounds for a petition being declined.

Spouses and children of prospective applicants, if applicable, must also comply with certain guidelines should they desire to reside in the U.S. during the employment period. Certification and documentation for these persons will be required, and their filing must be within the guidelines and timeframes required by law.

An experienced, competent immigration lawyer is committed to a successful outcome for all phases of the employment visa process. He or she insures that the application process moves smoothly, and the applicant’s rights as well as responsibilities are given the utmost care and attention.