It’s getting cooler, and when winter really sets in most people will build a nice toasty fire to stay warm. nice, toasty fire will warm up. Now is the time to make sure you have plenty of firewood!
Your website is a like a fire, it needs fuel to keep burning. It’s important to add fresh content in the form of new pages, articles on recent events, and original blog posts will work to get the attention of search engines like Google. Stop adding new content, the site will “die” in the rankings.
Copying content from other sites online will not help your rankings, in fact it may hurt you. Search engines are known to lower the rankings of websites that use existing material and post it as their own.
Researching and then writing original content is time-consuming and can be expensive, so many people just don’t bother with it. Dearborn Marketing writers are experienced, accurate, and reasonably priced. We work on a per-piece basis and only charge for the material you approve.
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