When a writer creates content for a website, there are two primary goals:

1 – Draw people to the website.

2 – Entertain and inform the reader.

Most people find websites by using a search engine like Google, and the search engines want to point their users to websites that have credibility and are displaying current, relevant, engaging content. If your website has the same content it had 4 years ago, Google figures you aren’t giving the best and most recent information. You’ll slide down in the rankings.

If your website has fresh, unique, and interesting content, Google will rank you higher. It’s called organic search engine optimization and it’s the best way to keep your website ranked high and interesting for your readers.

The writers at Dearborn Marketing have been successfully creating unique content for websites representing companies in dozens of different industries. We research everything we write, to make sure each post is accurate and current. Our rates are reasonable and we are reliable and prompt.

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