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Social Media

Chicago Social MediaThe average person will spend more than five years of their lives on social media, so if you want to reach out and tell people about your product orserice, you better be there.

The average time spent per day on YouTube (40 minutes), Facebook (35), Snapchat (25), Instagram (15) and Twitter (one) and projected those figures out over a lifetime, arriving at a total of five years and four months. Social media use trailed only watching television, at seven years and eight months, and it came in well ahead of eating/drinking, grooming, socializing and the necessary evil of doing laundry.

The key is to knowing which platform is best for you, who to target, and how much of your budget to allocate. Social media can deliver a huge return on investment or you can spend thousands of dollars and get nothing back. We will help you lower your risk of the latter by studying your business and using our experience to build a plan that will work.

Every Dearborn Marketing customer is provided with a monthly report showing the results of our efforts. Analytics, we call it, and you’ll know that we’re not wasting your money. You pay for results and we deliver, or we won’t accept your money.

Part of Social Media management includes reputation management. Customer reviews can help or hurt your business and when a bad one is posted it should be dealt with head-on. We have experience dealing with reviews for doctors, restaurants, hotels, and attorneys. We will do everything in our power to see that your five-star efforts receive five-star reviews.


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October 9, 2017