Content Writing

web-content-writingHow many times have you looked at a website, scratched your head and thought “what the heck do these people do?” Beginning with your home page, content must clearly describe exactly what your business does and how your product or service will benefit the reader. Interior pages should further describe your business, and finally there should be an incentive to contact you.

Dearborn Marketing produces original and interesting content for websites that represent businesses in a wide range of industries. We write, post, and manage material for several physicians and attorneys as well as many small, local businesses. From large corporations to mom and pop shops, all websites must be updated on a regular basis.

Many marketing companies outsource content writing to other countries, and the quality of their product is not what you want your customers to read. Pages and posts on your website must be engaging, unique, and induce your customer to buy. Adding new, fresh content to your website on a regular basis is critical to success.

There has been much discussion about what it takes to catch the attention of search engines, but it is now patently clear that the answer is CONTENT, CONTENT, and more CONTENT.

The writers at Dearborn Marketing have extensive experience writing for successful websites, from home pages, blogs, newsletters and email campaigns. Call us at 312-880-7657 for a free consultation and a reasonable quote.