Website Design and Management

We work with the WordPress content management system to build attractive, effective websites. It is important that your website developer understands your business and your goals first and foremost, then we usually build a sample site for our client to approve the general design and content. Our prices are very reasonable and we charge 1/2 up front for the site and do not collect the balance until everything is complete and our client is 100% satisfied.

Once the website is complete, or for existing websites, we can provide management services which may include:

Backups: We use trustworthy systems to make sure websites are backed up regularly in case of any problem that damages or destroys the content or design.

Updating: If your company adds or changes staff, your website needs to reflect those changes immediately. If you add a new product or service it needs to be added to your website. Videos are an enormous draw for people browsing the internet, and Dearborn Marketing can produce reasonably priced, professional videos that will help get your site noticed.

Monitoring: How do you know who is seeing your website? What pages interest them the most? Where are your customers located, and what demographic do they represent? We can monitor all that information, and make recommendations that will increase traffic to your site.

Reporting: Dearborn Marketing prepares a monthly report for every client, charting website traffic, customer conversions, and social media traffic. We can’t expect you to pay us for our work if we don’t prove we are succeeding.

“Building a Bridge to Your Business” is our slogan, but it is more than that, it’s our promise. We understand that your marketing dollars are precious, and we will never deceive you about the expected and actual results of any marketing initiative. It is our privilege to work for you and help you grow your business.